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Destino™ Twist Guiding Sheath

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Destino bidirectional steerable guiding sheath for the introduction and placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the human vasculature. Ergonomic steering handle curve, smooth tip to dilator transition, hydrophobic coated and braided sheath, rotating collar, tip position indicator, French size and guidewire indicator, reliable hemostatic seal,

• The Destino Twist deflectable tip minimizes your need for multipple fixed curves and catheter exchanges
• 180˚ deflectable distal sheath tip section allows precise steering and navigation through the vascular system
• Clear view of the distal marker band under fluoroscopy for precise positioning
• Flexsteer™ reinforced braid technology provides exceptional torque control and kink resistance, while maintaining optimal flexibility even in the most tortuous anatomy
• SureSeal™ hemostatic valve technology minimizes air embolism and blood loss
French sizes: 6.5 F, 7 F, 8.5 F, 12 F, 13.5 F Steerable curve diameters: 7, 9, 17, 22, 30, 39 mm Sheath usable lengths: 45, 55, 71, 73 or 90 cm Dilator usable lengths: 63, 73, 89, 90 or 108 cm
A French sizes 6.5 F, 7 F, 8.5 F, 12 F, 13.5 F  
B Steerable curve diameters 7, 9, 17, 22, 30, 39 mm  
C Sheath usable lengths 45, 55, 71, 73 or 90 cm  
D Dilator usable length 63, 73, 89, 90 or 108 cm  

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Custom lengths and curves available upon request.
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Destino™ Twist uni-directional deflectable guiding sheath

The Destino™ Twist is a steerable sheath that offers a deflectable guiding tip with an ergonomic handle.
The Destino™ Twist is the ultimate tool in gaining access to the most difficult to reach sites while maintaining hemostasis with Oscor SureSeal™ technology. The Destino™ Twist is your one steerable sheath solution intended to facilitate the intracardiac, renal, and peripheral placements of diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

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