Adelante for the perfect peel. Adelante peel-away introducer system one of the most advanced introducer systems available. To fulfill any need for minimal invasive venous access, Oscor offers a complete line of peel away introducers, hemostasis valve introducers and introducer kits

Adelante® SafeSheath® Ultra Lite

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Adelante® SafeSheath® Ultra Lite hemostatic valve peel away introducer system, shows dilator tip indicator, positive locking dilator connector, color coded introducer cap hemostatic valve, consistntly clean and smooth peel, smooth guidewire dilator transition, smooth dilator sheath transition, hydrophobic coated sheath with extruded scoreline and ergonomic hub with printed french size

• Specially designed membrane allow effortless insertion and removal of ports and central venous catheters
• Extruded score line peel-away sheath for clean, even peeling during removal
• Ergonomically designed, easy splitting breakaway hub
• French size printed on handle and indicated by color-coded introducer cap
• Positive locking dilator connector
• Decreased risk of blood loss and air embolism
• Standard 13 cm length with a wide range of French sizes available

Model #
(Five per box)
French Size Sheath Length Dilator length
ASUP051318P 5 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP061318P 6 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP071318P 7 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP081318P 8 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP851318P 8.5 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP091318P 9 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP101318P 10 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP111318P 11 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP131318P 13 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP151318P 15 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP161318P 16 F 13 cm 18 cm
ASUP1651318P 16.5 F 13 cm 18 cm

Introducers supplied sterile. For single use only. Available bulk upon request. Standard lengths are noted above. Other lengths available upon request.

Adelante® SafeSheath Ultra Lite set contains:

• One Adelante SafeSheath® Ultra Lite peel-away sheath
• One dilator

*SafeSheath® is a registered trademark of Pressure Products, Inc.

Adelante® SafeSheath® Ultra Lite introducer sheath hemostatic valve peel away system

The Adelante® SafeSheath® Ultra Lite introducer sheath peel away system, features a specially engineered valve membrane that allows for reduced insertion forces during procedures.

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