Temporary pacing lead header photo showing TB temporary pacing and the Oscor PACE 203H™ temporary pacemaker

Temporary Pacing Leads

Our temporary pacing leads provide reliable pacing, less trauma, simple to use, ideal for prolong pacing and are compatible with Oscor's external pacemakers.


Transvenous W/Balloon


Helios™ temporary pacing lead

Offering the most complete line of temporary pacing products, Oscor’s transvenous pacing leads are used for temporary pacing during emergency room or other cardiac procedures where minimal invasive temporary pacing is required. Oscor offers standard pacing lead and diagnostic catheters, with and without stylet (TB and TAU), and lead catheters with balloon for easy placement without fluoroscopy (Helios). All Oscor temporary pacing leads are compatible to Oscor’s line of external pacemakers (PACE™ series) and connection cables (ATAR™ series).

 TB temporary pacing and diagnostic lead

TB  temporary pacing and diagnostic lead

The TB Lead is a high quality bipolar intracardiac lead for cost effective temporary pacing and electrophysiology studies.

 Helios™ temporary pacing lead

Helios™ temporary pacing lead

The Helios™ temporary pacing lead with balloon is a latex-free radiopaque bipolar temporary pacing lead with balloon. It is suitable for both recording intracardiac signals, and temporary pacing.