Adelante for the perfect peel. Adelante peel-away introducer system one of the most advanced introducer systems available. To fulfill any need for minimal invasive venous access, Oscor offers a complete line of peel away introducers, hemostasis valve introducers and introducer kits

Introducers and Steerable Sheaths

Steerable sheath, peel away introducer sheath, guiding catheter and vascular access systems for the percutaneous and intravenous introduction of pacing leads and catheters.

Destino™ Steerable Sheath & Introducer Guiding Systems

Adelante® Introducer Sheath Systems

Range of Adelante peel away introducer sheaths

To fulfill any need for minimal invasive venous access, Oscor offers a complete line of steerable sheath introducer kits, peel away introducer sheaths and hemostasis valve introducers. Custom introducer assemblies and kits are available on request.

 Destino™ Steerable Sheath Guiding Introducer

Destino™ bidirectional steerable sheath guiding introducer

The Oscor Destino™ is a next generation steerable sheath introducer with bidirectional guiding for placement of catheters into the Vascular and or Transseptal access. Featuring Oscor’s reliable hemostatic valve technology, the Destino steerable guiding sheath deflects 180˚ in both directions. Available in different deflection curve diameters, shaft and sheath lengths.

 Destino™ Twist Steerable Sheath Guiding Introducer

Destino™ steerable sheath bidirectional guiding introducer

The Destino™ Twist is a steerable sheath guiding introducer that offers a deflectable tip with an ergonomic handle. The Destino™ Twist is the ultimate tool in gaining access to the most difficult to reach sites while maintaining hemostasis with Oscor SureSeal™ technology. The Destino™ Twist is your one sheath solution intended to facilitate the intracardiac, renal, and peripheral placements of diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

 Adelante® Breezeway Guiding Introducer Sheath

Adelante® Breezeway® Guiding introducer sheath with Hemostatic Valve

The Adelante® Breezeway® Introducer Sheath with Guiding and Hemostatic Valve is intended for the percutaneous introduction of various types of cardiovascular catheters to all heart chambers, including transseptal puncture, and provides complete hemostasis on the proximal port side. The Adelante® Breezeway® is available in several size, length and curve configurations.

 Adelante® Breezeway Renal Guiding Introducer Sheath

Adelante® Breezeway® Guiding introducer sheath with Hemostatic Valve

The Adelante® Breezeway® Renal delivery introducer sheath is intended for the introduction of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the human vasculature, including intercardiac, renal or other placements. The Adelante® Breezeway™ Renal Delivery Sheath introduces the latest coated braided shaft design and the next generation hemostatic valve.

 Adelante® Peel Away Introducer Sheath

Adelante peel away introducer sheath

The Oscor peel away introducer sheath is one of the most advanced introducers available for placement of permanent pacing leads and catheters; offering exceptional insertion ease, smooth lead movement and high kink resistance.

 Adelante® Safesheath Ultra Lite Introducer Sheath

Adelante ® Safesheath Ultra Lite peel away introducer sheath

The Adelante® SafeSheath® Ultra Lite Renal Introducer Sheath with Guiding hemostatic valve peel away system, incorporates a specially engineered valve membrane, the Ultra Lite provides reduced insertion forces during procedures.

 Adelante® Sigma™ Introducer Sheath

Adelante® Sigma hemostatic valve introducer sheath

With the Adelante® Sigma™ introducer sheath with hemostatic valve, Oscor offers a comprehensive line of vascular access devices, ranging from 4F to 11F, offering an atraumatic guidewire to dilator tip, and dilator to sheath transition. The proprietary hemostasic seal technology offers reliable hemostatis for all confident catheter placement in radiology, cardiology and electrophysiology.

 Adelante® Radial™ Introducer Sheath

Adelante ® Radial introducer sheath

The Adelante® Radial introducer sheath is the next generation in transradial vascular access, featuring the latest hemostatic valve technology, for minimal blood loss during diagnostic angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention. Hydrophilic kink-resistant coated sheath for easier insertion and removal of device. Provides excellent elongated tapered dilator tip for optimal vessel access.

 Adelante® Magnum Introducer Sheath with Hemostatic Valve

Destino™ bidirectional steerable guiding introducer sheath

The Adelante® Magnum Introducer Sheath is a high performance hemostatic valve introducer for large size vascular access, specifically designed and optimized for the introduction and placement of endovascular catheters, aortic valves, and stent graft systems.