Photo showing Venos® occlusion balloon catheter for venography and angiography


Oscor offers a comprehensive line of catheters used in the area of Cardiology, Radiology and Electrophysiology.

Balloon catheters

Angiograpy catheters

Helios ™ temporary pacing lead with balloon

Oscor excels in the development and production of more challenging catheters which use highly specialized profiles and materials.
Oscor's ample portfolio of shaft/catheter includes single and multi lumen, co-extruded tubing, micro extrusion, jacketing, braided shaft, coil reinforced shaft, various durometer, PTFE liner, Atraumatic tips and printing. Oscor offers economical short and long run to customer looking for catheters with exceptional characteristic!

 Helios™ temporary pacing lead with balloon

Helios ™ temporary pacing lead with balloon

The Helios™ temporary pacing lead with balloon is a latex-free radiopaque bipolar temporary pacing lead with balloon. It is suitable for both recording intracardiac signals, and temporary pacing.
IS-1 compatible.

 Venos® occlusion balloon catheter

Venos ® occlusion balloon catheter

The Venos® is a latex-free double lumen occlusion balloon catheter.
It is intended for temporary occlusion of coronary sinus during a venogram, or infusion of contrast media or drug.

 Angios® Classic diagnostic angiography catheter

Angios ® Classic diagnostic angiography catheter

The Oscor ANGIOS® 4F, 5F, and 6F line of diagnostic angiography catheters is ideal for coronary angioplasty. These diagnostic catheters incorporate proprietary HD Braided Shaft to deliver exceptional responsiveness, high flow rates, optimal torque, and shape retention during coronary angiography and are available in single and convenient multi pack configurations.