Adelante for the perfect peel. Adelante peel-away introducer system one of the most advanced introducer systems available. To fulfill any need for minimal invasive venous access, Oscor offers a complete line of peel away introducers, hemostasis valve introducers and introducer kits

Adelante® Sigma Plus

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The Adelante Sigma sheath introducer with hemostasis valve showing snap locking dilator connector, reliable seal to reduce blood loss and air embolism, color coded side port for infusion and contrast, smooth guidewire dilator transition, smooth dilator sheath transition, kink resistant flexible and hydrophobic coated sheath, french size and guidewire indicator

• Ergonomically designed hub with dilator locking mechanism
• Reliable hemostatic seal to prevent blood loss and air embolism
• Easy French size identification with color coded hub and 3-way stopcock
• Kink resistant and flexible sheath for optimal dilation
• Hydrophobic coated sheath for smooth insertion
• Atraumatic tip of dilator provides smooth transition between dilator and sheath during insertion
• Luer lock dilator with French size indicator
• Dilator with curve memory effect for easy sheath placement
• Excellent visibility under fluoroscopy
• Complete hemostasis during insertion and withdrawal of devices
• Accepts maximum guidewire up to 0.038”/0.96 mm
Model #
T Kit
(Five per box)
French Size Sheath Length Dilator length
ASGP04010 4 F 10 cm 15 cm
ASGP05010 5 F 10 cm 15 cm
ASGP06010 6 F 10 cm 15 cm
ASGP07010 7 F 10 cm 15 cm
ASGP08010 8 F 10 cm 15 cm
ASGP04023 4 F 23 cm 28 cm
ASGP05023 5 F 23 cm 28 cm
ASGP06023 6 F 23 cm 28 cm
ASGP07023 7 F 23 cm 28 cm
ASGP08023 8 F 23 cm 28 cm

Introducers supplied sterile. For single use only. Available bulk upon request.
Standard lengths are noted above. Other lengths available upon request.

Adelante® Sigma Plus Kit Contains:
• One Adelante® Sigma Plus sheath
• One dilator
• One guidewire with a flexible straight, J tip and depth markings
• One needle with protector
• One syringe

Adelante® Sigma Plus Set Contains:
• One Adelante® Sigma sheath
• One dilator

Adelante® Sigma Plus Introducer With Hemostatic Valve Plus Luer Connect

The Adelante®Sigma Plus is the latest in vascular access sheath introducers, featuring hemostatic valve technology, and a special luer locking design, that allows easy and secure accessory connection. (e.g. contamination guard)

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