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The Helios™ Temporary Pacing Lead showing one way stop cock, latex-free compliant balloon, shrouded (USA) or unshrouded (non-USA), atraumatic tip and depth markings, right heart curve available in different curves

Helios™ Flow Directed Temporary Pacing Lead with Balloon

• Accurate flow-directed placement
• Latex-free compliant 8 mm balloon
• 5F (1.67 mm) lead body diameter
• Usable lead length 110 cm
• 15 mm electrode spacing
• Electrical resistance of less than 100 Ω
• Atraumatic tip configuration
• 6 F suggested introducer size
• Fixed connectors available with 2 mm pins, shrouded or unshrouded
• FDA clearance and CE certified
Model No. Kit French size
Usable Length

Balloon diameter

2mm Pin
H05110S 5F 110cm 8mm shrouded
H05110U 5F
110cm 8mm unshrouded
Right heart curve
H05RH110S 5F 110cm 8mm shrouded
H05RH110U 5F
110cm 8mm unshrouded

Leads supplied sterile. For single use only.
Standard lengths are noted above.
Other lengths may be available upon request.

Sterile kit contains:
(1) One Helios™ temporary pacing lead with balloon
(1) One volume limited syringe
Helios™ convenience kit also available
Other kit configurations available upon request

Sterile packaged in inner and outer tray.
One kit per box.

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Helios™ Flow Directed Temporary Pacing Lead with Balloon

is a latex-free radiopaque bipolar temporary pacing lead with balloon. It is suitable for both recording intracardiac signals and temporary pacing.

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