Lead adaptors and extensions header photo showing ILink-BLV bifuricated multipolar adaptor and LV/IS unipolar implantable lead adaptor


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Lead repair kit/extension with universal coupler

Lead repair kit/extension with universal coupler VKU/V
Model VKU-V
Conductor Quadrifilar coil
Insulation material Silicone
Connector IS-1 universal

10, 20 or 40cm

Coupling capability Maximum lead conductor coil diameter ø 1.4mm
Maximum insulation diameter ø 2.4mm
Contents 1 lead extension with attached universal coupler

The permanent implantable VKU/V

is used as a lead repair kit. It extends an implanted unipolar lead, which connector has to be removed, to a pacemaker. The VKU incorporates an IS-1 connector on one end and the universal coupler with self sealing plastic screws on the other end. The exceptionally constructed coupler warrants a secure mechanical and correspondingly an excellent electrical contact between the conductor of the lead and the coupler. The clear coupler material facilitates the visual inspection of the splice.

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