Oem medical devices development and production overview

Bulk Medical Products

Image of sign with Introducer Sheaths and Dilators, Braided catheter shaft, Catheter tubing extrusion, Luer lock hubs, sideports and seals, Lead connector pins, conductor assemblies, Stylets, lead placement accessories, Packaging trays and kits


Oscor offers a complete line ready to use, high quality components. All components are manufactured in certified cleanroom environment according to QSR/ISO standards. All components have biocompatibility and CE mark.

  • Introducer Sheaths and Dilators
  • Braided catheter shaft
  • Catheter tubing extrusion
  • Luer lock hubs, sideports and seals
  • Lead connector pins and conductor assemblies
  • Stylets and lead placement accessories
  • Packaging trays and kits

For a complete list of ready to use stock components, please download our bulk component portfolio