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At Global we offer a diverse range of online tests to meet your employee recruitment, selection, training and development needs.

For trained test users, registration with us empowers you to order and manage your own testing activities while giving you access to tests from a wide range of world-leading test publishers.

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We partner with you to select and develop employees who have the right abilities and skills needed for the role. Helping you reduce turnover and significantly increase productivity and customer service quality.

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Our unique centralized online testing platform brings you 250 tests from 50 of the world’s leading test publishers. Including role and industry specific employment tests, professional and managerial selection and development tools.

Valid and reliable tests

All our tests are rigorously reviewed and meet international testing standards and equal employment guidelines. Our assessment catalogue is continually expanded to ensure that you have the most current, effective and proven assessment tools available.

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Whether you have a one-off testing need, or plan to carry out a large-scale project, we will manage the entire assessment process for you. From test selection advice to test administration and result interpretation.

Managerial Catalog

Power and Performance Test

A battery of nine aptitude and ability tests. Each of the nine tests can be administered singly or be combined into small batteries, which closely match the aptitude requirements of different job fields.

Differential Aptitude Tests

An eight-test battery that can be used singly or in combination. It measures an individual’s ability to learn or to succeed in areas such as general cognitive ability, perceptual abilities and language abilities, mechanical reasoning, verbal and numerical reasoning, and space relations. It can be used for selection in a wide range of jobs from junior, supervisory to professional and managerial positions.

Managerial Biodata Questionnaire

Suitable for use in screening for a wide range of managerial, professional and technical positions. It predicts job performance and identifies individuals with the potential for high-level achievement. It reports on the three dimensions covering: leadership and drive for results, innovation, thinking, analysis, and solutions.

Numerical Reasoning

Measures a person’s ability to reason with numbers and to see the relationships between sets of numbers.

Perceptual Reasoning

A reasoning test based upon non-language principles. It predicts for areas of science and technology and is a particularly good indicator of general intelligence and problem solving skills.

Spatial Ability

The problems are presented two-dimensionally so that the candidate has to be able to "see" from the other side of the object or pattern. It assesses intellectual ability required in rotating a number of hypotheses in order to form a single concept.

Time Management Skills Test

Measures an individual’s effectiveness in the areas of planning, prioritization, and task orientation.

Advanced Non-verbal Reasoning Test

An assessment of high-level reasoning designed to differentiate individuals at the high end of intellectual ability for senior management and high level professional technical positions. It provides information about an individual’s capacity for analyzing, solving problems, and abstract reasoning.

Critical Thinking Test

Assesses an individual’s ability to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments, and draw conclusions. It is suitable for selection as well as development for senior management and high level professional technical roles in working with business information to answer questions, determine strategy, reduce risk and maximize organizational performance.

Focus 20 occupational personality questionnaire

Measures 20 personality dimensions covering the Big Five personality factors and facets of these factors. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and comes with a wide range of occupational norms based on an international norms group of 25,000 respondents.

Focus 8 occupational personality questionnaire

Based on the Great Eight Competency model, it measures the Big Five personality factors, plus achievement and power motivation, and perceived cognitive ability. It is designed for use in selection and development. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and comes with global, country, student, and male and female norms based on an international norms group of over 6,000 respondents.