Selecting the right people for business-critical roles is vital to your organisation's long-term success.

The BPS Certificates of Occupational Testing

The British Psychological Society (BPS) is a leading professional organization for setting standards in psychological testing.
With BPS Level A and B certifications in Occupational Testing, a trained test user is qualified to select and administer tests for the purpose of employee recruitment, selection, promotion, development and career counseling.

Practical skills, professional qualifications

• BPS certifications are internationally recognized and accepted by most leading test publishers.
• Allowing you full access to Global online testing platform to view and purchase our wide range of tests.
• Giving you the freedom to select, administer tests and receive instant test results whenever you want.

Course Director: Robert Anders BSc, CPsychol, CSci, AFBPS

Robert has been a practising Chartered Occupational Psychologist for some 32 years. He spent his early career as an HR professional in the private and public sectors, before moving into psychological consultancy in 1987 as part of SHL's Senior Management Assessment Team. During his career Robert has worked with many leading psychologists, including Peter Deville, Holden Rogers, Livia Downy.

Certificate in Behavioral-based Interview Skills Structured process

Traditional job interviews are highly prone to the biases and prejudices of the interviewer, and provide limited insight into how well the person will perform the job. By contrast, properly designed and executed behavioral-based interviews can play a valuable role in the selection process.

Objective, evidence-based

Because all candidates are asked the same set of questions, designed to solicit examples of past behaviour to predict job performance, so you can directly compare candidates’ responses. Behavioural-based interviewing technique is an essential component of a hiring manager and HR professional’s toolkit in talent selection and development.

The Behavioural-based Interview Skills course will enable you to:

• Identify the main sources of error in interviews.
• Understand the benefits of structured interviews.
• Learn job analysis techniques, such as Repertory Grid and Critical Incidents Interviewing, to specify the knowledge, skills and behaviour required for success in a specific role.
• Develop core questioning skills, interview questions and behavioural indicators.
• Conduct an effective and structured interview session.